Hormone Free T-Bones

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Hormone Free, Pasture Reared and grain Finished

T-Bones are cryovac vac packed.

Meat on the bone has a shelf life (chilled +-5) of 2 weeks.

There after to be frozen and defrosted in the chiller to reduce blood loss.

Always remember to let your Steak rest for at least 5 minutes before eating ,to let the tissues to relax.

Let it Rest

An important part of the process is allowing your steak to rest for up to ten minutes before serving (depending on size). Some experienced chefs recommend letting your steak rest for half the time it was over a flame.

Resting is necessary because at temperature the muscle fibres have tightened and are unable to retain their juices. A steak straight off the heat and cut open will instantly lose all its juices.

If you allow the steak to cool for a few minutes, then the muscle fibres relax, hold the juices better and you end up with a much more flavourful steak.

Pure beef Burgers

All Our Beef Burgers are made using only Pure Hormone Free, Pasture Reared beef. No binders, salt or spices, JUST Pure Yummy […]

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